Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

As members of PhRMA, we believe improving human life means celebrating human diversity
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Increasing Female Representation Among Top Leaders

At nearly all levels of our company – including senior managers, directors, and executive directors – our global employee population reflects an equal number of women and men. Among top leadership, our percentage of women continues to increase, with the number of women VPs and above rising in four of the past five years. We are actively working to extend this upward trajectory and accelerate the addition of more women to our executive ranks.

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Increasing People of Color Representation in U.S.

U.S. data show People of Color represent 50 percent of U.S. BioMarin employees, from individual contributors to senior managers. We are taking active steps to ensure more People of Color in the U.S. are represented at higher leadership levels, recruit more entry-level Black and LatinX talent, and provide biomedical education opportunities for underrepresented youth.

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Maintaining Full Pay Equity in U.S. and Increasing to Fullest Extent Globally

We are an industry leader in pay equity, championing fair and equitable compensation for our employees. Throughout our history, we have conducted consistent and comprehensive reviews of our employee pay practices, and we are proud to maintain full equity in both base pay and total compensation for all U.S. employees. In 2022, we will increase pay equity even more across our company, utilizing all available data to ensure equity in each global region to the fullest extent possible.

Environmental Sustainability:

As members of PhRMA, we believe a healthy environment is essential for improving human life
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Clean Energy

BioMarin committed to purchase 100% of our electricity from Marin Clean Energy with over 60% of BioMarin’s electricity for our Novato and San Rafael campuses generated from renewable sources like wind and solar.

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Brownfield Cleanup

BioMarin committed to revitalizing a downtown San Rafael brownfield by completing a $17M remediation of a former PG&E Manufactured Gas Plant site to remove toxic materials. This work not only enables the expansion of our San Rafael campus, but also supports our donation of a portion of the remediated property to nonprofit organizations that will develop an active aging center and affordable senior housing for the community.

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BioMarin Roadmap to Enhanced Greenhouse Gas Disclosures

BioMarin is committed to understanding the impact of our business practices on the environment and reducing our global emissions footprint. By the end of 2023, BioMarin will have the necessary foundation to begin to assess the most impactful and cost-efficient mitigation strategies to minimize our carbon footprint.

Access & Affordability:

As members of PhRMA, we believe that living our mission of improving human life relies on broad access to medicines
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RARE Scholars

RARE Scholars, an annual scholarship awarded by BioMarin to students living with rare disease, aims to empower patients with continued education by recognizing students who have demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities.

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BioMarin RareConnections

BioMarin RareConnections™ was created to help navigate the difficulties of managing serious and rare genetic diseases through a wide array of product support services throughout the treatment journey, including helping patients and families understand insurance coverage and financial assistance options.

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Compassionate Use Policy

At BioMarin, we are committed to developing safe and effective therapies for rare genetic diseases and providing those therapies to patients as quickly as possible. As part of that commitment, we support expanded access and compassionate use programs when we have substantial scientific evidence to support both the safety and the efficacy of an investigational product for an indication, and when it is logistically practicable.
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Clinical Trial Diversity

At BioMarin, we create pioneering treatments for people with genetic diseases around the world, and we are deeply committed to enrolling representative populations in our clinical trials. Our vision is to become a leader in promoting and practicing clinical trial diversity (CTD) in rare genetic diseases, with a mission to develop a blueprint for clinical trial diversity in the represented population that is far-reaching, impactful, sustainable, and measurable.

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