Week in Review: The latest from PhRMA

Check out the latest from PhRMA this week.

Priscilla VanderVeerMarch 18, 2016

Week in Review: The latest from PhRMA.

ICYMI: Policy solutions for innovative treatment: Last week at our 2016 Annual Meeting, our president and CEO Steve Ubl discussed his vision for the organization and outlined policy solutions for innovations in treatment delivery.

Medication adherence:  In our latest medication adherence post, we spoke with Dominique Comer, a senior clinical investigator and scholar with Christiana Care Health System’s Value Institute, about her newly published study, “Using Aggregated Pharmacy Claims to Identify Primary Nonadherence.” Learn more the findings.

Medicare Monday: This week’s Medicare Monday featured three things you need to know about the government’s proposed changes to Medicare Part B drug reimbursement.

Post-approval research: Many people believe that once a drug is approved by the FDA, the research stops. However, post-approval research is a valuable part of bringing new medicines to market. Read about how the post-approval research phase can help all health care stakeholders to better understand the full value of medicines.

FDA quality metrics: This week, we provided constructive ideas for improvements to the FDA’s recent proposal for a mandatory metrics program. Check out our recommendations, which include greater transparency regarding how the data will be used, less stringent requirements for high-performing facilities and data privacy protections.

National Kidney Month: Patients benefit from innovative therapies every day that bring value not only to patients, but the health care system as a whole. This week, I highlighted how a kidney transplant drastically altered the course of my life and led to my perspective on the “value” of innovative therapies.

Income disparities in clinical trials: This week, we featured a guest post from Lazarex Cancer Foundation President Dana Dornsife on what her organization is doing to combat issues of income disparities in clinical trial participation, including identifying clinical trial participants and encouraging greater participation among patients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

2016 Leukemia Ball: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) hosted its annual Leukemia Ball last weekend, an event that has raised nearly $50 million for its national chapter. Along with LLS, we are deeply committed to the research and development of new drugs and treatments for patients with blood cancers. Read more about these innovations and the ongoing fight against leukemia and lymphoma.

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