How biopharmaceutical collaboration is driving a new era of medicine

Biopharmaceutical innovation and technological advancements are transforming how we research and develop new medicines to benefit patients.

Andrew PowalenySeptember 7, 2017

How biopharmaceutical collaboration is driving a new era of medicine.

Biopharmaceutical innovation, coupled with technological advancements, has brought a new era of medicine transforming how we research and develop new medicines to benefit patients.

At our recent event, in partnership with The Atlantic, “Innovation Pipeline: Examining Modern Medicine,” we explored California’s Bay Area and its evolving role in the integration of sectors focused on helping patients. With a diverse bench of talent and ample venture capital investment, the Bay Area’s technology sector has become instrumental to the future of medicine. “San Francisco is an innovation hub, and it’s where we find fantastic scientists to collaborate with,” said Nils Lonberg, senior vice president, Oncology Discovery Biology, Bristol-Myers Squibb. “It’s also a place where game-changing cancer discoveries have been made.”

During the event panelists shed light on the biopharmaceutical innovation, investment and risk needed to meet 21st century health challenges. “I think it’s a golden age for therapeutic development right now and we have to be sure that our society understands how important it is that the investment continues to occur,” said Sean Harper, executive vice president, Amgen. 

As stakeholders across the R&D ecosystem are increasingly coming together to tackle sciences’ most vexing health challenges, new research illustrates there has been a significant shift in recent years from traditional, asset-based or transactional agreements to more open, collaborative approaches for conducting biopharmaceutical research.

Stakeholders from across the ecosystem, including biopharmaceutical companies, academia, federal researchers, patient groups, providers, and others, are working together to advance the science by leveraging each other’s strengths. 

Together, these partnerships are uncovering important learnings about the underlying drivers of many of the most devastating and complex diseases, driving innovation for patients in a new era of medicine. 

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