Research in New York

Research in Your Backyard: Developing Cures, Creating Jobs - Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials in New York

Biopharmaceutical research companies are conducting or have conducted more than 6,200 clinical trials of new medicines in collaboration with the state’s clinical research centers, university medical schools and hospitals (1999 to present).

Of the 6,282 clinical trials, 3,255 target or have targeted the nation’s six most debilitating chronic diseases—asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental illnesses and stroke.

These 6,282 New York-based clinical trials represent approximately one-third of all clinical trials in the United States.

"The biotechnology industry, including biopharmaceutical research and the development of new medicines, is an important and growing part of New York State’s economy. Biopharmaceutical research firms frequently work in partnership with hospitals, medical schools and other research institutions, which facilitates the participation of New Yorkers in thousands of clinical trials throughout the state. Biopharmaceutical research is also a boon to local economies in New York, supporting an estimated 201,000 jobs and generating millions in tax revenues." --Nathan Tinker, Executive Director, New York Biotechnology Association