Week in review: The latest from PhRMA

Check out the latest from PhRMA this week!

Priscilla VanderVeerFebruary 26, 2016

Week in review: The latest from PhRMA.

A decade of progress in chronic disease: Significant progress has been made in the last 10 years in the fight against chronic diseases. Learn more in a new report, “A Decade of Innovation in Chronic Diseases.”

Fighting neglected tropical disease:  Patients with neglected tropical diseases face many challenges, including challenges getting diagnosed and the available treatment options. Read more from guest contributors Jill Wood and Sean Elkins as they encourage researchers, patient and advocates of both types of disease to join forces in pursuit of diagnostic best practices and ultimately a set of cures.

Amyloidosis diseases and unmet medical needs:   Amyloidosis is a rare disorder caused by proteins that possess abnormal conformational features leading them to aggregate and infiltrate tissues in the form of amyloid fibrils. This week, we featured a guest post from Isabelle Lousada, president and CEO of the Amyloidosis Research Consortium, highlighting  the unmet medical needs of amyloidosis and why successful collaborations across sectors are needed to advance  science and understanding of these diseases.

Hope in innovation: We often talk about the immeasurable impact of innovations in pharmaceutical research and development. This week, our guest contributor, Jamie Pires, a chronic myelogenous leukemia patient, shared her journey from unexpected diagnosis and painful treatment to how a new treatment changed her outlook.

Medicare Monday: This Monday, we took a look at two claims about Medicare Part D: what the critics said would happen, and what actually happened.

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