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Pharmaceutical Supply and Payment Chain Coalition Announces Guiding Principles for Safe, Efficacious Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

Washington, D.C. (October 22, 2020) — Today, representative organizations of America’s pharmaceutical supply and payment chain, including prescription and over-the-counter brand and generic manufacturers; pharmacies and pharmacists across all practice settings, including health systems and hospitals, community, specialty, and managed care; supermarkets; wholesalers; pharmaceutical quality standard developers; employers and other health plan sponsors; health insurance providers; and pharmacy benefit managers, released guiding principles for the safe efficacious development, distribution, and allocation of vaccine(s) to achieve mass immunization against the coronavirus (COVID-19)

The guiding principles represent the commitment of the private sector to the efficient, well-coordinated distribution, allocation, and mass immunization against COVID-19 as a necessary countermeasure to the current pandemic.

Click here to read: Guiding Principles for Safe and Efficacious COVID-19 Vaccine Development, Distribution, Allocation, and Mass Immunization.

The strong and ongoing collaboration demonstrated by the pharmaceutical supply and payment chain has been essential for a host of issues important to Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. The coalition looks forward to continuing to work together in the best interest of the individuals and families that we serve.

For additional information and resources on the individual efforts of each of these organizations, please see the links below.

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