Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA

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Priscilla VanderVeerOctober 23, 2015

Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA.

week-in-reviewIndustry R&D: The biopharmaceutical industry spends more on R&D than the entire National Institutes of Health operating budget. This week’s Fact Check Friday post outlines how much the industry contributes to R&D and impacts the economy. 

Biopharma Innovation: Despite recent news about Valeant and Turing, the majority of the biopharmaceutical industry is still focused on innovation at its core. Read what makes these companies different from most.

Health Insurance Tiers: As many as one in three health insurance exchange plans may submit incomplete information on formulary tiers, misleading consumers on what their out-of-pocket costs will be for prescription drugs. Learn more about the importance of tiers in determining prescription drug coverage. 

Clinical Trial Recruitment: International Cancer Advocacy Network’s Marcia K. Horn, J.D. discusses how listening to patients improves participation and retention in clinical trials in the third Clinical Trials Q&A post.

Managing Chronic Conditions: Medication adherence can keep patients healthier and reduce the burden of disease on the health care system, saving as much as $213 billion each year. Eligible Medicare Part D enrollees have access to Medication Therapy Management (MTM) to better manage their medications and chronic conditions, but current challenges have limited the overall effectiveness. Find out more about the latest steps taken to improve the program.

Stories of Hope: As the our companies work hard to find cures for diseases that affect people all over the globe, PhRMA is collecting stories from patients, caregivers and supporters on how treatments have impacted their lives. Find out more about PhRMA’s “I’m Not Average” campaign.

Increasing Clinical Trial Awareness: In the second part of the Clinical Trials Q&A series, Lisa Hughes from the National Patient Advocate Foundation outlines how NPAF works to increase access to clinical trials for oncology patients.

Saving Lives and Building for the Future: Not long ago, HIV was an acute, fatal illness and cancer deaths were on the rise. PhRMA’s new video explains how treatment advances have helped patients live healthier, longer lives while reducing medical spending. Watch now.

Medicare Monday:  With the open enrollment period underway, it’s important for beneficiaries to shop around for a plan that works. Learn more about how Part D premiums are determined.

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