Harry and Louise Return to Health Care Reform Debate with a New Perspective

Washington, D.C. – Harry and Louise, the iconic middle class couple that helped to defeat the Clinton health care reform proposal, will be back on television – this time in support of health care reform.

Harry and Louise will be featured in a multi-million dollar television ad campaign, which will start this weekend and run for at least three weeks. The ad will appear on national cable and network news programs as well as the Sunday talk shows.

Impact of Restricted Drug Coverage

Partners for Healthy Dialogues

Glossary of Terms - Rare Diseases

acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)—A manifestation of infection with the human inimunodeficiency virus (HIV) characterized by the presence of one or more opportunistic diseases which occur primarily, or in some cases only, when an individual’s immune system function is defective.

adenocarcinoma—Cancer of glandular tissue, or tumor of which gland derived cells form glandlike structures.

Rx Response Director Erin Mullen Receives Outstanding Achievement Award

New Orleans, LA (March 27, 2013) – Rx Response Director and PhRMA Associate Vice President for IT & Operations Erin Mullen, PhD., RPh, CEM, received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Preparedness at the National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans today.

Mullen was recognized for her work in transforming Rx Response from a concept to a fully operational disaster preparedness and response program that encompasses the entire bio-pharmaceutical supply system, from manufacturers to distributors to dispensers. 

Disaster Relief


On an international scale, PhRMA is engaged in the global concerns of innovation, research and development, hoping to support the discovery of new medicines for both common conditions and rare disorders.

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Medicare Part D Pocket Card

Statement to Physician Payments Sunshine Act Final Rule

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 1, 2013) – Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Senior Vice President Matthew Bennett issued the following statement today:


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