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PhRMA Principles on Interactions with Patient Orgs 2012

PhRMA September 19, 2012

Biopharmaceutical companies share many common interests with patient organizations including, most importantly, a common commitment to patients and shared mission to discover cures and fight disease. In our joint mission of innovation and service to patients and caregivers, companies frequently work together with patient organizations to sponsor research, provide educational and support services for patients, and award grants to benefit the mission of patient groups. A patient organization is typically a not-for-profit institution that primarily represents the interests and needs of patients, their families, or other caregivers. Biopharmaceutical companies and patient organizations enjoy productive collaborative relationships which benefit the public health. In order to help assure that relationships between biopharmaceutical companies and patient organizations remain true to their goal of advancing biomedical research, health care innovation, access to patient care and services, such relationships should be structured to ensure the independence of the patient organization and appropriate support of the organization’s mission. Accordingly, PhRMA establishes these Principles on Interactions with Patients Organizations.