Vaccines: A Powerful Tool for Public Health

U.S. leadership in vaccine innovation benefits Americans in several ways

The years of research the biopharmaceutical industry has invested in vaccine technology brings a range of benefits.

Health Benefits

Life-saving vaccines for children and adults. 16 diseases are now preventable in the U.S. due to the development and availability of childhood vaccines and the introduction of a new shingles vaccines in 2017 has reduced the risk of shingles among older adults by 90%.

Security Benefits

The ability to develop vaccines quickly and without relying on other countries makes America more secure.

The U.S was able to mobilize quickly to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with a safe and effective vaccine in record time, savings millions from severe illness and death, and well over billions in avoidable health care costs.

Vaccine-preventable disease

Conditions like flu, pneumococcal disease, shingles and whopping cough, cost $27 billion in direct and indirect costs each year among adults over the age of 50.

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