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PhRMA’s Steve Ubl Describes Ken Frazier as a “Pivotal Leader” in the Biopharma Research Industry

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 4, 2021) – Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America president and CEO Stephen J. Ubl made the following statement:

“Ken Frazier has long been a pivotal leader in the biopharmaceutical research industry and beyond. His personal story and rise to become one of America’s most effective business leaders is inspiring, as is his passion and dedication for improving people’s lives through science and innovation.

“As the first African American to lead a major biopharmaceutical company, Ken has been a driving force in leveraging one of America’s most important industries in the fight against racial inequities that plague our society. He has always led by example, encouraging us to lead lives guided by civility, equality, courage and unity.

“It was under Ken’s tenure as chairman of our board that I joined the PhRMA team. Since then he has been an incredible mentor and friend. While we will sorely miss Ken’s leadership within the organization, I am confident he will continue to be a powerful force for good and change in all his future endeavors.”

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