Policy Solutions

Delivering Innovative Treatments to Patients

Over the last half-century, new medicines, technologies and biopharmaceutical research have revolutionized health care and helped millions of patients live longer, healthier lives. Building on this progress, America now is on the cusp of a golden era of biopharmaceutical discovery and personalized medicine. But certain actions must be taken at the policy level to ensure that the marketplace evolves at the pace of scientific advances and that patient needs and preferences are kept central. These policy solutions represent a commitment to a stronger U.S. health care market and to our future health system as a whole


Modernizing Drug Discovery, Development and Approval

We need to modernize the FDA to keep pace with scientific discovery and to enable a more competitive, innovative and sustainable ecosystem.

Promoting Value-Driven Health Care

We need to encourage value-driven payment models, and to remove the hurdles making it difficult for innovative, sensible payer/manufacturer arrangements to emerge.

Engaging and Empowering Consumers

We need to make more information on health care out-of-pocket costs and quality available to patients.

Addressing Market Distortions

We need to address market distortions like the rapidly growing 340B program or the risk adjuster for commercial insurance that does not account for prescription drug costs

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