PPA: 2016 in review

PPA helps connect millions of people with public and private patient assistance programs that provide prescription medicines for free or nearly free.

Hannah Mooney Mack
Hannah Mooney MackFebruary 23, 2017

PPA: 2016 in review.

More than a decade has passed since the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) launched. In this time, PPA has helped nearly 10 million patients through its free and confidential program, but last year was a particularly special year for the program.

The PPA website added hundreds of new medicines, prescription assistance programs and free clinics to its database, which now serves an average of 75,000 visitors every month, up from 60,000 last year. PPA also expanded its resources to educate more patients through videos, infographics and prescription assistance events across the country. Finally, the program reached new communities by updating the Spanish website and translating videos and informational brochures into Spanish.

All of these changes have resulted in a more engaged and empowered community. And while the easy-to-use PPA website and mobile app provide patients a single point of access to 475 public and private assistance programs, patient advocates and community leaders now have a unique opportunity to spread the word on what programs are available. This information is critical to helping patients who may be falling through the cracks due to a changing access landscape.

It is our hope that PPA will serve as a trusted resource for patients, patient advocates and community leaders looking for access to programs for which patients may qualify. But more than anything, PPA will continue to offer information and resources in 2017 – and beyond.

Learn more at:

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