Patients and researchers say “we’re fighting back” in new “From Hope to Cures” ads

Patients and researchers say "we're fighting back" in new "From Hope to Cures ads."

Ieva M. Augstums
Ieva M. AugstumsFebruary 8, 2016

Patients and researchers say “we’re fighting back” in new “From Hope to Cures” ads.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age, five-year-old Rhys has not let his diagnosis be his destiny. He enjoys life to the fullest, from playing sports to having treats at a friend’s birthday party.

Fifteen years ago, Jamie was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer and thought she would not live to see her son grow up. Today, she’s happy, strong and planning a long-delayed trip to Paris with her husband.

Solving the world’s toughest health problems takes decades of research, but it also takes hope and courage from researchers. Jen, a biopharmaceutical scientist specializing in oncology, wakes up every day working to find new treatments and cures for patients.

Receiving a diagnosis is never easy, but thanks to biopharmaceutical innovation and researchers like Jen, patients like Rhys and Jamie have hope for brighter futures.



These are just a few of the stories featured in PhRMA’s 2016 “From Hope to Cures” advertising campaign. Utilizing the themes of HOPE, COURAGE, SOLVABLE and ACHIEVEABLE, the new ads build on last year’s focus on POSSIBLE, CURABLE and POWER.

Launched in 2014, “From Hope to Cures” highlights the value biopharmaceutical innovation provides to patients, society and the economy. In addition to sharing real stories from patients and researchers, the campaign highlights data and information on fighting diseases, clinical trials and the economic contributions of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Highlighting the innovation and promise of medicines in development is critical to fostering the development of tomorrow’s cures. Explore PatientsScienceHealth Care and Economy to better understand the ecosystem of innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Learn more about the campaign and view the advertisements at

View the campaign's multimedia news release here:

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