Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

As members of PhRMA, we believe improving human life means celebrating human diversity
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Amgen’s Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Amgen is committed to the following actions to promote diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace:
Recruit and retain a diverse workforce representative of the global communities we serve.
Create an inclusive environment where all staff members belong by providing education to our staff and enforcement of Amgen policies.
Ensure that all employees have equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability or other protected status.
Continue to examine pay, promotions and performance management – and improve our processes across those dimensions.
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Amgen’s Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

For more information around the composition of our workforce, please see our Workforce Diversity Report.

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Amgen's Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Priorities

Our priorities are:
Increase the representation and development of women in executive director and above roles (Global)
Increase the representation of Blacks and Hispanics in executive director and above roles (United States)
• Increase the representation of Blacks in science, technology, engineering and mathematics based roles (United States)
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Fellowship Program Between Amgen and Howard University Aims to Expand Talent Pool

Partnering with Historically Black Colleges and Universities will help broaden Amgen’s staff with new scientists, making the company stronger as it continues its quest to fight diseases. 
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Clinical Trial Diversity

Amgen is working to improve the proportional representation of trial participants in clinical trials by addressing key systemic issues that deter people from participating in research, especially those groups who have been historically underserved due to race, ethnicity, sex, age, and other factors.

We have developed an enterprise-wide framework to strengthen our focus on enhancing diversity and representation in clinical trial participation across our portfolio. We are also locating trials closer to historically underserved and underrepresented populations and incorporating remote visits to reduce the burden on participants.

Environmental Sustainability:

As members of PhRMA, we believe a healthy environment is essential for improving human life
Sustainability 2027 Plan Infographic

The Road to Net Zero: 2027 Plan

Our 2027 plan includes the following aspirations:

• Achieve carbon neutrality for Amgen-owned and operated facilities and operations;

• Reduce water consumption by 40%;

• Reduce waste disposed by 75%.

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Product Sustainability

We are committed to environmentally sound practices in our work to discover and develop innovative medicines to treat patients suffering from serious illnesses around the world. Amgen is improving sustainability in many aspects along the life cycle of our products including in research, development, manufacturing, packaging, and disposal.

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Supplier Sustainability

Recognizing the importance of our relationships with suppliers to achieve our mission, we have developed a Supplier Sustainability Program that is designed to ensure that our suppliers not only address quality, cost, and reliability requirements but also a wide range of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility considerations, in such areas as environmental impacts.

Access & Affordability:

As members of PhRMA, we believe that living our mission of improving human life relies on broad access to medicines
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Delivering Patient Access and Health System Solutions

We’re helping to evolve the health ecosystem by actively engaging with and leveraging the strengths of governments, manufacturers, academics, payers, digital health companies, and practitioners. Together, we are working to co-create solutions that transform health systems by not only treating disease after it strikes, but also helping to predict and prevent disease before it occurs. We are also advocating for policies that would help make medicines more affordable and accessible for patients.

By 2030, up to 70% of People with HIV will be over the age of 50.

Accessible and Inclusive Healthcare

We are working with partners to strengthen community and care support systems and access to medicines for historically underserved patients.

One example is our partnership with the American Heart Association on a grassroots program to raise awareness of cardiovascular health and prevention strategies while engaging and supporting community members to create a culture of health. We are also partnering with Findhelp.org, a community network referral program that helps people find financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost services in their local communities.

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Comprehensive Health Education

Amgen is working to improve health literacy and education among historically underserved patients.

We are working with the Health Education Advocacy Learning (HEAL) collaborative, which partners with faith-based organizations in Georgia, Ohio, Texas, and Maryland to raise awareness of diseases that disproportionately impact undeserved communities and people of color.

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Access to Medicines Initiatives Outside the U.S.

Amgen's Access to Medicines approach is based on a recognition that patients living in low- and middle-income countries face multiple barriers to accessing biologic medicines. Those barriers include healthcare infrastructure and supply chain challenges to safely handle and administer biologics, as well as affordability in countries that lack adequate reimbursement and insurance systems. Together with partners and stakeholders, we are working to overcome such access challenges and barriers through a multifaceted Access to Medicines approach tailored to the unique aspects of biologic medicines.

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