Working Together to Stop Ebola in its Tracks

Rare and infectious diseases like Ebola present unique challenges to the health care community. It is no small task to address these challenges, and in many cases, preparedness is the key to success.

John CastellaniNovember 13, 2014

Working Together to Stop Ebola in its Tracks.

week-in-review.jpgCoverage does not equal access: While the burden of high deductibles has already received significant attention, new data reveals that consumers have no choice but to pay up to thousands of dollars out-of-pocket before their medicines are covered if they enroll in marketplace plans.  For example, the average combined deductible (meaning, the plan has a single deductible for medical and prescription drug costs) for silver plans is $3,064. Read more about these out-of-pocket cost barriers.

Canada behind on IP:  Last week, we launched to focus on Canada’s opportunity to reevaluate its intellectual property (IP) laws. We continued the discussion this week with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s annual International IP Index. The report, which measures the IP infrastructure of 38 key global economies, found Canada’s IP protection to be surprisingly subpar.  Learn why here.

Medicare Monday:   In honor of President’s Day, we took a look back at three key moments in Medicare’s history, starting with President Lyndon B. Johnson’s creation of Part A and B in 1965.   

Medicare Part D:   A special edition of Medicare Monday highlighted a new issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation with useful information on negotiation in Medicare, including how it happens now and the impact of proposed changes.

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