Putting the bio in biotech: How Bay Area minds are powering biopharmaceutical innovation

Innovation and discovery happening within the Bay Area is transforming biopharmaceuticals.

Andrew PowalenyJuly 31, 2017

Putting the bio in biotech: How Bay Area minds are powering biopharmaceutical innovation.

The Bay Area in California has long been considered a nucleus of innovation, having produced groundbreaking inventions and discoveries over the last few decades – spanning nearly every industry, from medicine, technology and capital.

To explore what powers this stream of innovation – and how we see it changing the way we think about research and treatments – PhRMA will bring together industry experts, thought-leaders and stakeholders for a conversation titled “Innovation Pipeline: Examining Modern Medicine,” part of an ongoing dialogue with The Atlantic.

We’ll be joined by Sean Harper, executive vice president, Research and Development at Amgen and Nils Lonberg, senior vice president, Oncology Discovery Biology at Bristol-Myers Squibb. The two will offer their perspective on how the focus toward innovation and discovery happening within the Bay Area – and throughout California – has the power to transform medicine and treatments, and the millions of patients who could potentially benefit.

It’s important to note that innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry isn’t just happening in the Bay Area, but throughout the state of California. For example, earlier this summer, Eli Lilly and Company announced the completion of a $90 million expansion of their Biotechnology Center in San Diego, with the goal of continued, robust collaboration with other research entities.

There’s no denying that the talented individuals working within the Bay Area will be at the forefront of game-changing discoveries in our industry, transforming the innovation pipeline as we know it. Join us via livestream on Tuesday, August 1, from 8am – 11am PST to hear firsthand from this notable group of leading minds.

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