New Spanish-language resources added to ABCs En Español

For Hispanic Heritage Month, two new videos have been added to Access Better Coverage Spanish-language resources.

Nicole LongoOctober 13, 2016

New Spanish-language resources added to ABCs En Español.

With Hispanic Heritage Month coming to a close, we wanted to highlight two new videos that have been added to our Spanish-language resources microsite,

Improve access to out-of-pocket cost information

Improve access to important clinical information

Launched last year, this microsite has a number of helpful resources on health care terms, health insurance and tips for shopping for health coverage. Check out the glossary or find out which five questions you should ask about prescription drug coverage.

Choosing health insurance coverage can be confusing and complicated, but armed with the right information, consumers can be active participants in making decisions about their health care. Learn more about how we can better engage and empower patients, and visit for other English-language resources.

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