Medicare Monday: Don’t forget! Medicare open enrollment ends Wednesday

Compilation of Medicare open enrollment resources.

Nicole LongoDecember 5, 2016

Medicare Monday: Don’t forget! Medicare open enrollment ends Wednesday.


This Wednesday, December 7, marks the end of Medicare open enrollment. That means there are only a couple days left to review and make changes to your 2017 coverage.

Here’s a look back at some of our open enrollment resources to help with any last minute changes.

  • A list of nationwide tools, including helpful websites, phone numbers and organizations
  • Tips on how to switch plans during open enrollment, which is especially important given the variation that can occur in plans from year to year

In case you missed it, we also featured two stories from beneficiaries who reviewed their plan options and will be able to save significant money in 2017. Those can be found here and here.

Time’s running out, so finalize your 2017 coverage today.

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