Coming soon: Clinical Trials Awareness Week, May 2-6

PhRMA celebrates Clinical Trials Awareness Week to help people better understand clinical trials and feel empowered to get involved in the process.

Andrew PowalenyApril 28, 2016

Coming soon: Clinical Trials Awareness Week, May 2-6.

Clinical trials are the most effective way to find new, innovative treatments for illnesses patients may face. But misconceptions and lack of awareness about this important research often keep people from participating. In fact, two thirds of trials fail to enroll enough participants.

Next week, we celebrate Clinical Trials Awareness Week (May 2-6) to help people better understand clinical trials and feel empowered to get involved in the process. A broad range of partners will focus on educating people on this critical process, particularly what is involved in clinical trials and how to find out if you or a loved one could potentially participate.

To elevate the conversation around the importance of clinical trial participation, PhRMA is hosting a Twitter chat at 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 5, with experts and organizations involved in the clinical research process. You can be a part of the conversation by joining us on May 5 and using #CTAW2016.

Also, be on the lookout next week for a new Catalyst Q&A featuring the story of an inspiring patient, diagnosed with HIV in 1991, who has dedicated her time to participating in trials to help discover new HIV medicines and encouraging people to enroll in these studies.

During CTAW 2016, we encourage you to learn the facts about the clinical research process through the following resources:

  • Read our past blog post, “Debunking Common Myths About Clinical Trials,” which provides facts to address misconceptions that may be keeping people from participating in trials;
  • Watch an educational clinical trials video, which provides an overview of how the process works and the steps involved; and
  • Read PhRMA’s Q&A with Danielle Lavieri, communications and outreach coordinator for the Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation, to find out if a clinical trial may be right for you.


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