Assistance Is One Step Toward Adherence

Only half of Americans take their Rx meds as directed. This can have a significant impact the healthcare system.

PhRMA StaffFebruary 16, 2011

Last week we talked a bit about how improved adherence can lead to better health and lower overall healthcare costs.

Today, NPR Blog is addressing the issue, reporting that only half of Americans take their prescription medicines as directed. They also share some recommendations from Express Scripts that are worth checking out.

One thing they point out is that some financially struggling patients may be having trouble gaining access to the prescription medicines they need, hence not adhering to the treatment regimen prescribed by their physician. Express Scripts recommends contacting assistance programs and links to the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, a one-stop-shop for information about patient assistance programs sponsored by biopharmaceutical research companies, as well as other participating public and private programs.

With 475 assistance programs available to patients across America, the PPA has helped more than 6.5 million people since it launched in 2005.

The lesson seems to be coming from everywhere these days: take your medicines as directed for the best response possible. And if you're having trouble getting those medicines, PPA may be able to help.


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