When Social Media and Traditional Media Meet

Big Day at Lilly

Today is a big day at Lilly. Not only does our CEO, John Lechleiter, begin chairing the PhRMA annual meeting, but we’re also launching a new digital communications platform that will enhance our conversations with media who cover the biopharmaceutical industry.

LillyPad_Media will provide a fast, reliable and informative resource for journalists who looking to tell Lilly’s story. We’ll use the site to break news and share timely information with journalists on a variety of corporate matters, including policy issues, corporate responsibility, finance and business development, diversity, and biopharmaceutical innovation (we won’t be using LillyPad_Media to talk about products, but there’s more than enough corporate information to keep the communications channels very much alive).

News cycles are moving faster than ever, and journalists increasingly rely on digital channels to inform their perspectives and shape stories. According to a 2012 study by Oriella PR Network Global Digital Journalism, 62 percent of journalists use social media as a source of story ideas, and 89 percent look to blogs. More than half survey Twitter to fulfill their stories, and 65 percent use Facebook and LinkedIn.

LillyPad_Media – the latest addition to our successful LillyPad franchise – will allow us to adapt to these trends and respond to key issues with the people we care. With the addition of LillyPad_Media to our digital communications suite – which includes the LillyPad blog, Twitter, and Facebook feeds – we will underscore how Lilly is separating itself from its peers through a commitment to medical innovation and improved patient health.

At Lilly, innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our core business is creating new medicines that help people live longer, more productive lives. Innovation is cultivated on many forms – in laboratories, via public policies that preserve the innovation ecosystem, through partnering with the right companies, by broadening the experiences of our employees, and by understanding how patients around the world are different and have unique medical needs.

We hope you’ll follow us @LillyPad_Media and at our LillyPad_Media Facebook page.We look forward to continuing the conversation!



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