We're This Close - To Ending Polio

We're This Close - To Ending Polio

01.25.13 | By

Rotary International

is leading a global fight to eradicate polio - and an end to polio may be within sight. To learn more about the fantastic work Rotary is doing around the globe, check-out its End Polio Now website.

This work is extremely important as well as successful. In recognition of its value, PhRMA was excited to contribute $50,000 to Rotary International's latest campaign - "The World's Biggest Commercial" - "enough to provided oral vaccine to protect 83,000 children against this paralyzing disease."

We encourage everyone to visit Rotary's site and consider joining Jackie Chan, Jack Nichlaus, Jane Goodall, Amanda Peet and thousands of others by adding your photo and supporting the World's Biggest Commercial.

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