Week in Review: Cancer Prevention and Research In Tandem

Week in Review: Cancer Prevention and Research In Tandem

02.08.13 | By

In spite of some amazing strides in the ongoing battle against cancer, it remains a major public health challenge for patients and their families throughout the world. This week The Catalyst focused on cancer research and development as part of National Cancer Prevention Month and this past Monday's World Cancer Day.

On World Cancer Day, The Catalyst noted the increasing cancer survival rate in children. Today, 80 percent diagnosed with cancer survive, compared to only 50 percent in 1970. This advancement occurred by incrementally increasing our understanding of cancer through new medicines and emphasizes the importance of innovative research and development.

In a guest post, Ryan Hohman, Managing Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Friends of Cancer Research, also addressed the importance of creating an environment that facilitates the discovery of new, lifesaving treatments. With approximately 1,660,290 new cancer cases expected to be diagnosed in 2013, we must continue the search for new medicines.

Remembering Mark Shalom

While our member companies continue to research new treatments in the fight against Alzheimer's disease, many families face a sad battle, one that was particularly personal for PHRMA this week with the passing of Mark Shalom.

Last week, we were informed that that Mark Shalom, a loving husband and patient who suffered from Alzheimer's disease passed away. Mark and his wife/caretaker (Sabina) were featured in a video that PhRMA produced several years back about this devastating disease.

Please take a few moments to watch PhRMA's video that highlights Mark's life and our companies' continued commitment to Alzheimer's research.

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