'The Medicine Abuse Project' is Having a BIG Moment

'The Medicine Abuse Project' is Having a BIG Moment

07.31.12 | By

You know the feeling when a great idea starts picking up speed? You throw out an idea in a crowded conference room, and it starts to gel as coworkers add to it, and suddenly what seemed to be the offhand result of too much caffeine on a Tuesday morning turns into a full-blown national campaign - the "BOOM" moment, as I like to call it. That's what the folks at Drugfree.org must be feeling like right now with "The Medicine Abuse Project."

Drugfree.org created "The Medicine Abuse Project" and sent around a press release today about some new partners for the project, which is set for release on September 23-29, 2012. The project is set to culminate with a week of prevention activities and public awareness surrounding the DEA National Take Back Day on Saturday, September 29.

This is the sort of multi-partner effort I like to see - the coordination of patient advocacy, private entities, federal agencies and small town coalitions working together to prevent prescription drug abuse. I won't list off all the new partners (they're listed on the release here, if you're curious), but it's safe to say that the project is picking up steam. They're having their "BOOM" moment, and it's nice to have a hand in helping make it happen.

Want to help out with The Medicine Abuse Project? They're recruiting stories, partners and help. Follow the Project on Twitter at @MedicineAbuse and #endmedicineabuse.

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