Industry Economic Impact

The biopharmaceutical industry and its extensive supply chain have a significant economic impact on jobs and economic output across the country.

The Economic Impact of the U.S. Biopharmaceutical Industry

New Research Highlights “Rare Opportunity” to Improve Health Outcomes, Affordability through Targeted Medication Adherence Efforts

Washington, DC – Amid mounting evidence of the negative clinical and economic consequences of medication non-adherence, research featured on the cover of this month’s Health Affairs breaks new ground by urging innovative approaches to improve medication adherence and to “achieve a higher-performing health system.”

Sources of Adherence Research Funding

PhRMA Foundation Adherence Evaluation Research Award

John J. Castellani Keynote Remarks at Rutgers Business School Annual Healthcare Symposium

Keynote Remarks of John J. Castellani
President & CEO
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America

Rutgers’ Business School Annual Healthcare Symposium
Trends and Issues Facing the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry
Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey
April 30, 2013

John J. Castellani Remarks at Congressional Black Caucus 2013 Spring Health Braintrust

John J. Castellani
President & CEO
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

Congressional Black Caucus 2013 Spring Health Braintrust
10th Annual Leadership Summit and Awards Dinner
Washington, D.C.
April 23, 2013

Overview of Study “The Biopharmaceutical Research and Development Enterprise: Growth Platforms for Economies Around the World”

Prescription Medicine Spending Trends

FICTION: Drug costs continue to soar past the average rate of inflation and continue to be the largest portion of total health spending.

FACT: Prescription medicines have always comprised a small share of total health spending and in recent years the rate of growth of spending on prescription drugs has slowed markedly.

Facts About Diseases/Conditions Affecting Women


  • A baby girl born in the United States in 2006 could expect to live 80.2 years; that’s 5.1 years longer than a male baby, whose life expectancy would be 75.1 years.

Arthritis/Musculoskeletal Disorders

PhRMA Code on Interactions - Compliance Officers


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