Srinivas Nalamachu on Rx Drug Abuse

Prescription drug monitoring programs offer tremendous potential – to either effectively curb abuse or to overburden prescribing doctors, making patients struggle to get the pain relief they legitimately need.  The challenge lies in achieving the former without effecting the latter.  To strengthen these programs, policymakers must design PDMPs with user-friendly, efficient methods for minimizing abuse.

Srinivas Nalamachu

Paul Gileno on Rx Drug Abuse

Diversion of prescription drugs is a significant abuse problem, and state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP’s) have been created to be an efficient, cost effective tool for investigating and preventing drug diversion. A PDMP uses a centralized database in order to collect and review prescriptions on controlled substances. The intended effect is to share valuable information among providers and pharmacists as well as limit drug overdoses and curtail doctor shopping and prescriber overuse.

Paul Gileno
, on Rx Drug Abuse

The Partnership at knows that PDMPs are an important component in addressing the medicine abuse epidemic. We support the position of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy on the need for PDMPs in all 50 states and DC, with those programs interconnected to be able to share data, thereby providing a more effective means of combating drug diversion and drug abuse nationwide.

Thomas MacLellan on Rx Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP) are effective tools for collecting and analyzing prescription data, but across the country they remain underused. Clinicians do not routinely check PDMP data to identify patients who are abusing or diverting prescription drugs so they can make appropriate decisions for treating individual patients. According to a report prepared for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in 2012, only 5 percent to 39 percent of providers use PDMP data, depending on the state.

Thomas MacLellan

CTD on 340B

The Coalition of Texans with Disabilities has been advocating on behalf of people with disabilities since 1978. We believe individuals with disabilities should be able to participate fully in all aspects of society. This includes employment, transportation, and healthcare. We have been working hard to ensure these individuals are able to continue to contribute to and be a part of society.



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