Week in Review: Commitment Matters

Improving Patient Lives Through An Industry-wide Pledge to Innovation

11.15.13 | By

The biopharmaceutical industry has made significant progress over the years, with innovative new treatments improving outcomes for some of the nation’s most debilitating diseases.  It is because of this commitment that we released the report “Research in Your Backyard: Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials in Massachusetts” in partnership with the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce this week. Currently, there are 38 active trials for potential new medicines for cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes and more than 4,700 clinical trials of new medicines have been conducted across the state in the last 14 years. For more information, check out the clinical trials being conducted in Massachusetts and other states, where researchers are devoted to helping improve patients’ lives across the country.

As part of this commitment to patients, CEO and President John Castellani discussed the video responses from our Alzheimer’s “Conversations” question in his wrap-up post. He noted there are still questions that need to be answered, in spite of our progress in treating this disease. But in spite of these challenges, there is widespread industry-wide agreement that we will be able to develop new solutions in the not too distant future.

This week’s “Conversations” question focused on a different community of committed Americans: veterans of the U.S. armed forces. In honor of Veterans Day on Monday, our “Conversations” forum this week asked what improvements we should make to ensure veterans are getting the quality health care they need. Many may not be aware that the transition from service member to veteran is not always a smooth process and can often lead to delayed document transfers and gaps in treatment. Veterans and their families make significant sacrifices to protect all Americans, and we need to ensure their health care needs are appropriately addressed.

We know that many of you are as dedicated as we are to finding treatments and helping patients, so don’t forget to share your thoughts with us and keep the conversation going on Facebook and Twitter. With your help, we hope to make a difference in lives of patients in the U.S. and around the world.


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