Health Care Reform in Turkey

Turkey’s Health Care Reform: The 2023 Challenge

09.13.13 | By Mark Grayson

Turkey is at the vanguard of a global trend of implementing universal health coverage. Building on that leadership position, Prime Minister Erdoğan has set a goal for Turkey to become a global leader in the delivery of health services over the next decade. A key element of developing the health care market in Turkey is expanding the country’s biopharmaceutical sector.

For Turkey to meet its health care objectives, it needs to maintain a public policy environment that ensures adequate resources for health care and fosters innovation and investment in the biopharmaceutical sector. Too often, the government’s short-term cost containment policies have conflicted with its aspirations for ensuring Turkish citizens have access to needed innovative therapies and growing a biopharmaceutical sector.

Rod Hunter, Senior Vice President, International at PhRMA, expands on what universal coverage will mean for Turkey and how it can serve as a beacon for governments around the world.  The article is published in the summer 2013 edition of Turkish Policy Quarterly. I believe you will find this useful as  the discussion of universal health coverage heats up in the next few years.


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