PhRMA's First Annual Survey

Newly Released Results from PhRMA’s First Annual Health Survey – ‘From Hope to Cures’

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How long do you think you’ll live? Do you feel like you had a pretty good health year thus far? What about your neighbors and those in your community – how’s their year been, health-wise? What cures do you think will be discovered next in medicine?

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These questions, and lots more, were all part of PhRMA’s First Annual Patient Survey, a new venture whose results we released today. Hart Research interviewed 1,219 Americans on our behalf about their health priorities, thoughts on longevity, and views on health information and disease.

The results were surprising: Americans are more optimistic than ever, and many feel strongly about chronic disease, obesity and taking their health seriously. More than 58 percent of those surveyed say they take their health very seriously, and many report that they pay attention to taking preventive measures including eating a healthy diet (57 percent), maintaining a healthy weight (54 percent), reducing stress (45 percent), and staying informed about health guidelines and recommendations (41 percent). Obesity, weight management and diet topped the list of America’s biggest personal health concerns.

But respondents remain concerned about the health of the average American – although those surveyed are optimistic about their own health and that of their families, they are significantly less positive about the health of the average American. Just 18 percent said it’s been a great or good health year for Americans, while 78 percent characterized their own health as good or excellent.

The survey also asked people their opinion of national health priorities, optimism regarding cures and diseases, and clinical trial opinions. Most Americans (65 percent) recognize clinical trials as “extremely important”, though only 1 in five has had some personal experience in a clinical trial.

What’s more, there was a clear trend regarding what many Americans thought should be national health priorities. Most people cited that they believe national health priorities should include:

  • developing cures for more forms of cancer (86 percent)
  • developing effective treatments for heart disease (78 percent)
  • More elderly needing more intensive medical care (76 percent).

This aligns with the diseases they reported being the most worried about: cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

We’ve developed a concise slide deck explaining the survey results, and you can walk through the information by checking our slideshare link here. If you have specific questions about the information, feel free to email me and I’m happy to answer them.

Feel like contributing to the survey? Answer a few questions below!



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