A Hero of Medicine

Remembering Dr. Pollack, Researcher Responsible for Vaccine Saving 10,000 Lives Every Year

11.14.13 | By

In science – and especially medicine -- there are celebrated men and women whose life work has changed the world.  Doctors Salk and Sabine and their polio vaccines come quickly to mind.  Because of their work, people around the world need never fear the scourge of polio. But among the all-stars of medicine are many great scientists and researchers who, while less well known to the general public, also make a huge contribution to treating patients and preventing disease, as well as transforming our approach to innovative new treatments.

William Pollack who recently passed away at age 87 was such a hero of medicine.  He and his research partners devised a vaccine to fight Rh Disease – a condition “once responsible for 10,000 infant deaths a year.”  

That’s a legacy well worth honoring. 

For more information on advances in vaccine research check out PhRMA’s Vaccine Fact Book.


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