PhRMA @ #ASCO13: It’s Not A Breakthrough, It’s Incremental Innovation

PhRMA @ #ASCO13: It’s Not A Breakthrough, It’s Incremental Innovation

06.02.13 | By

The Catalyst is covering #ASCO13 this weekend and we’ll be posting ongoing thoughts on the pulse of the conference. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to leave comments below or tweet @PhRMA.   

The term “medical breakthrough” evokes the notion of expediency, immediacy and achievement. However, we often forget that a new technology or medical discovery did not occur in a year, but is the product of years or even decades of hard work and dedication in the research lab.

Today, during your sessions at #ASCO13, we encourage you to think about incremental innovation and the value of medicine. A treatment’s true potential is not often known at the time of initial discovery, and its full value at the time of approval may not been realized until years, perhaps even decades, later. A single, specialty medicine, for example, is often found to play a role in treating multiple conditions after it is first introduced, and this cumulative progress has led to major treatment gains for patients suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

In recent years, biopharmaceutical innovation has led to accelerated progress in the fight against many diseases, and there are approximately 3,000 medicines currently in development for cancer worldwide. We need to continue to foster innovation to develop new treatments and ensure that we thoroughly understand all of the benefits that an existing treatment provides. The future is bright in this area, but we must work together to deliver life-saving innovative discoveries to the patients who need them.



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