Happy 100th Birthday American Cancer Society

Happy 100th Birthday American Cancer Society

05.24.13 | By Josephine Martin

When President Nixon signed the National Cancer Act of 1971, there were three million cancer survivors. Today, there are more than 13 million. By 2022, this number will increase to 18 million.

While far from over, the war on cancer is well underway. Within our lifetime, it’s likely that a cure will be within reach. The combined determination and commitment of biopharmaceutical researchers and other organizations like the American Cancer Society are making this dream come true.

For the past 100 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has been on the front lines of cancer awareness, research and innovation. Just this year, Dr. John Seffrin, CEO of ACS, highlighted that the development of new medicines is essential to fighting cancer. We agree, and could not carry out our daily mission without the partnership of ACS and other organizations working to help find new treatments.

For Americans with cancer, ACS is a beacon of hope. A century after a group of doctors and businessmen in New York City formed an organization to raise cancer awareness, millions of lives have been extended or saved. ACS’ unwavering support and investment in research and development have played an important role in U.S. cancer death rates declining 20 percent since the early 1990s. Today, two of three people diagnosed with cancer survive compared to one of three only sixty years ago.

Research, progress and hope are rooted in our collective organizations. In 2011, two ACS-funded researchers won the Nobel Prize, bringing the total number of ACS-funded Nobel Prize winners to 46. The time and investment on the part of ACS helps biopharmaceutical researchers and researchers in all medical fields better understand cancer. In 2003, for example, ACS scientists confirmed the link between obesity and many types of cancers. These types of discoveries are essential as we all work toward the common goal of discovering innovative treatments for patients.

As I look at the ‘100 Years of Progress’ timeline on ACS’ website, I’m inspired by what the future holds. By all accounts, our work is just beginning and the innovation ahead of us will shape how we deliver high-quality health care for cancer patients and their loved ones.

On behalf of the entire PhRMA family, Happy Birthday! Our team is looking forward to what’s possible in the next 100 years.


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