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Conversations: The Future of Vaccines

09.11.13 | By

Today, PhRMA and its 2013 Research & Hope Awards partners are honoring visionaries in the vaccines and immunization field. These inspiring scientists and public health champions continue the impactful legacy of vaccines – a field of biomedical science that has dramatically reduced the burden of disease for countless people around the world.

Like so many others throughout the medical innovation ecosystem, our awardees have dedicated their careers to advancing science and improving public health. Through collaboration and a willingness to push and expand the boundaries of science, they create challenges and hurdle over them – sometimes stumbling, but always learning and continuing on.

Such ingenuity and passion is reflected in the nearly 300 potential new vaccines currently in development for the prevention and treatment of an array of infectious and chronic diseases.

So with this backdrop in mind, we thought it would be a good opportunity to ask health care leaders to weigh in about the future of vaccines and how they can continue to protect and improve public health. Here is our question for the week:

Historically, vaccines have had an unmatched impact on improving public health. Looking ahead, what are the biggest obstacles and exciting opportunities in the field?

As always, we look forward to a thought-provoking discussion. We hope you will take a moment to join the conversation by reading the response and providing your own thoughts in the comments section.



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