Having Conversations on the Biopharmaceutical Pipeline

Conversations: The Biopharmaceutical Pipeline

09.18.13 | By

There are more than 5,000 new medications in the research and development pipeline. Some of these medications may one day result in effective treatments for diseases and conditions that exact a tremendous personal and financial toll on patients around the country and the world.

The approval process takes a long time, and years of hard work go into developing and testing new medications with no guarantee they will prove effective or gain approval. But all that hard work and effort pays off when a new drug is approved and a new treatment becomes available for patients.

That is why it is such an exciting time to be on the cutting edge of biomedical science. Just last year, the FDA approved 39 new drugs to treat a wide variety of conditions – the highest number of new drug approvals in more than a decade. These medications, and others that are nearing approval today, will change the lives of millions of individuals by offering them a treatment that was never before available for their condition.

That brings us to our question this week:

Whether you’re a patient, advocate or researcher, what are you most hopeful will emerge from the biopharmaceutical pipeline in the coming years?

Please take a moment to read the current responses and join the conversation by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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