Sharing Takeaways from Alzheimer's Thought Leaders

Conversations: Alzheimer’s thought leaders share takeaways from forum

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Today, Alzheimer’s affects more than five million people in America. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, that number will triple in the next 40 years, and by 2050, caring for patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is expected to cost the United States more than $1 trillion annually. Given the tremendous looming human and financial costs, more and more attention and resources are being devoted to finding new ways to treat those with Alzheimer’s disease and, ultimately, find a cure.

Last month, PhRMA was excited to partner with leading Alzheimer’s organizations and bring together top industry and academic scientists as well as patients, policymakers and other stakeholders for a forum to discuss the progress being made in the fight against Alzheimer’s and what can be done to catalyze progress in research and development.

With so many thought leaders in the same place at the same time, it made sense to build off the discussions from the conference for this week’s Conversations Forum:

As a participant in the recent forum on Alzheimer’s hosted by PhRMA, the Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, what do you think are some of the biggest research challenges and opportunities related to the disease?

For the responses, we decided to try something a little different this week by posting video interviews we filmed at the forum. We hope you will watch each of them and share your own viewpoints in the comments section.


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