Patient Challenges and Opportunities

Conversations: Addressing Diverse Patient Challenges and Opportunities

07.23.13 | By

The United States faces a growing number of health care challenges. Rates of chronic disease continue to climb, and by 2020, more than half the country is expected to suffer from a condition such as obesity, diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by 2020. In addition, more than one in four Americans already lives with more than one chronic condition. While solving the problem might seem relatively straightforward, addressing these and other chronic conditions presents a major (but not insurmountable) challenge moving forward.

The good news is that every state and community has a role to play: Individuals paying closer attention to their own health, providers improving access to care and researchers developing new drugs and treatments aimed at fighting diseases are all critical steps. There are no easy answers, but together they can play a role in helping individuals live healthier and longer lives.

We’ve convened ‘Conversations’ to help bring together many perspectives from across the health care ecosystem. This week’s question - intentionally broad in nature - will inevitably spark responses from a number of different viewpoints. Here it is:

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities when it comes to improving patient health?

We look forward to responses from the Colon Cancer Alliance, The Obesity Society and others.

And we also want to hear from you. The more we share insights and ideas, the better our chances of identifying ways to improve patient health. I hope you take some time to add your point of view to the conversation.


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