Tom Isaacs


Tom Isaacs was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the young age of 27 and since then has done everything he can to raise funds, heighten awareness and find a cure.  

Having completed his highly successful 1,250 mile sponsored walk in 1999, Tom left his job as Director of a London property company in April 2002 to undertake his Coastin' challenge. By April 2003, Tom had walked 4,500 miles around the British coastline, climbed the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales and run the Flora London Marathon, raising over £350,000. In 2005 he was elected UK Charity Personality of the Year and a year later he co-founded The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, an organisation of which he is President and which has committed over US$9 million to research around the world.

Tom was a Board Member of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association from 2005 until 2010. Tom acted as the patient representative on the Steering Committee and chaired the Patient Advocacy Committee for the World Parkinson Congress in 2010 and 2013. He made a total of 15 speeches at the two events. He is also a leading contributor to the SENSE-PARK project which is a European funded initiative establishing more personalised, objective measuring devices for people with Parkinson’s and those who treat them. He is also a co-founder of Parkinson’s Movement.

In 2012 Tom was awarded the prestigious, Dr Rana International Parkinson’s Community Service Award. He was also one of the torchbearers in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Tom has written a book “Shake Well Before Use” about his walk and his experiences with Parkinson’s which he conveys with passion, optimism and humour. He speaks regularly about his condition and the ability of people with Parkinson’s to inject urgency into progressing the delivery of new therapies to the clinic.